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It has been known and they can’t really change it. I think it’s only now that people are realizing this is an issue or at least something happened to start the avalanche.

For Linux not much of a problem since amount of malware is not that big. On Windows however a different story.

Also, thanks for the edit and correcting your statement. We live and we learn. Unless pride prevents us from doing so.

I looked into all the manuals before posting that to make sure. Turns out they did improve on some models location of it. Which is commendable. But some are downright retarded. Am also well aware about effect of pressure and similar. Am less worried about the water than getting stranded in the car after crash or if battery catches on fire.

No you are not. People panic and default to most common behavior, this is why emergency exercises are a thing. In other words, the hidden manual release somewhere in the car that was never used is not going to be used in the moment of panic. You won’t even remember it exists.

Also, that’s only on some cars and only in the front. None on the back seat.

Yes. You go out to grab a rock, go back in and smash the windows. Or keep one tactical door opening rock beneath the seat.

Can someone sue the living shit out of them

Nope. All in terms of agreement.

Why is there even a debate about this? You need emulators to play 10 year old games, maybe twenty. In 60 years you’ll need who knows what to be able to play it. The question is whether people will want play them at all. There might be a VR with anally plugged interface which would lack support for hand controllers.

We rent our servers from Ionos and price hike came as a complete surprise. Luckily Ionos took some of the increase on themselves, but had I been ready with different provider I’d switch in a blink. It seems price hike was a surprise to Ionos as well and am sure as hell hoping they are working on adding another hypervisor.

I’d be torn on the idea of AI generating CP, if it were only that. On one hand if it helps them calm the urges while no one is getting hurt, all the better. But on the other hand it might cause them not to seek help, but problem is already stigmatized severely enough that they are most likely not seeking help anyway.

But sending that stuff to a minor. Big problem.

Just like everyone else, at one point I used WinAMP, then when they started the upgrade to new and significantly more hardware demanding version I switched to Aimp, which to this day I use as mobile application. Am no longer on Windows, but I still miss those applications. VLC simply doesn’t fit that role of a music player.

Open sourcing WinAMP means we’ll probably get a ported version for Linux, which I am very much looking forward to.

Waiting any minute for Musk to come out and say how Tesla is the most advanced robot manufacturing company still, because he can’t stand not being in the spotlight.

Good luck with that sentiment. People tried to boycott products made or designed in Israel and then realized it’s near impossible. Edit: Found a list

That only shows what they hope will happen. In reality menial tasks can be automated and humans can be shifted to more creative roles, which in all honesty means execs could be reduced and replaced by AI. They do nothing other than follow trail of money and waste company resources, something AI can be much more efficient at.

Survivor bias is a thing. One car not having issues doesn’t mean all or majority of them don’t. Besides I think people have their expectations messed up. For a 60k$ car it has to be perfect, not just “not having issues” because in ICE world that amount of money buys you some seriously good car.

It actually is, if done right. But doing it right means you have to do things properly and care about doing them properly. In general data collection about various things can be useful, from optimizing energy consumption of your home to making your own life a tiny bit easier.

The problem is, manufacturers saw the potential and rushed in to be the first on the market and forgot that online things need maintenance and patching. Goes to show how selfless the admin job is. As long as things keep working properly no one even knows they exist.

I have wifi cameras which were never allowed online from first second they were connected to my network. But on the other hand I have few air filters that I do allow to send data so I can contribute to global statistics on air quality and similar.

Meanwhile Norman Borlaug, most people never heard of. He is credited for saving over one billion people’s lives. Wasn’t rich and certainly didn’t drive fancy cars. He was just a clever agronomist who worked his ass off for this world. I mean if system works that way where you provide value and get moneys. Right?

Too much noise? Older records sure. But new stuff? On mine you can’t tell the difference. There’s no hum, no crackling, no noise. It is recommended to brush your records before playing though. Perhaps that’s the problem?

First problem would be defining what “quality” means. On one hand vynil just has a continuous grove which needle follows. For this reason it’s infinitely precise, as there’s no interpolation or sample frequency. But on the other hand if master was digital and of shit quality, then benefits of analog mean nothing. Also widely used 44KHz sample rate is no accident, it’s exactly double of what human hearing can perceive. So even if you go higher, average listener wouldn’t be able to hear the difference.

Music is also mastered differently for vynil. Base is centered and audio is processed to reduce chances of skipping tracks. This is why decent phono amplifier is needed to revert those changes. Digital stays good or shitty no matter how many times you copy the file.

Overall sound quality is good, in both digital world and analogue. I have both high quality FLACs and some really great records which people would struggle to figure out if the sound they are hearing is digital or not. Personally I prefer vynil because the centered base. It makes other instruments more pronounced and you get to experience same music in a bit of a different way. Vynil being manual as it is also forces you to listen to entire side since it’s not easy to change tracks and authors by clicking next.

Depends really. Seller am buying from has for example AC/DC records for 26$ a piece or 16$ a piece for CD. You simply can’t compare the two and the difference is 10$. They of course have 50th anniversary edition for 42$, but that’s up to you.

Vynil is mixed differently. Base is much more centered to help prevent skipping tracks. This makes music sound a bit differently. Also, it’s not easy to change track or author, so you usually end up listening to entire side or record. Overall it’s a different experience.

I personally never liked CDs. They never lasted for me. Either the case breaks on the first wrong glance of it or the disk starts flaking or being scratched.

Apple watch not being on Android only means Apple doesn’t support Android. No one else can support Apple’s hardware, especially considering their litigious nature and suing for rectangles and logos. Technical capability exists, it’s only a matter of money and whether they want to do it. Either way you turn it it’s Apple’s decision, and therefore their fault if something is not on Android.

What 9to5mac is doing is deflecting the guilt and rambling on about how Google bought Fitbit as if that has anything to do with their own support of Android. Samsung, Huawei, Honor and bunch of others have absolutely no issues making and supporting their watches on Android.

Apple’s anti-competitive practices ensuring that it’s successful within his own ecosystem isn’t a controversial part of that. We know that’s what they do.

That’s exactly it. But it’s Apple’s decision. Google didn’t go and decide Apple can’t have applications on Play store. So it’s absolutely Apple’s fault.

Which is exactly why they are getting sued, for creating vendor lock-in and monopoly.

I love the ending here:

9to5Mac’s Take It’s not Apple’s fault that there’s no Apple Watch equivalent on Android. Google bought Fitbit and still hasn’t created something that is good enough to entice Apple Watch users to switch.

Sure thing buddy, keep drinking that cool aid. In reality Apple probably realized that they would have to face stiff competition without their walled garden to protect them and that would have been a lot less lucrative.

Am more surprised you expected this to be a thing. When it comes to Apple users choice is always what Apple chooses. Otherwise they might hurt themselves.

I have a different approach. I print very thin 0.2mm plastic strips and use label maker on them.

Each mode pairs with different device. I use mine for connecting to PC through Xbox mode, Android mode to my phone.

And this is folks how you alienate a whole swath of users all while not realizing those lobbying shitheads wouldn’t have jobs without consumers.

People don’t seem to realize this kind of thing will be really popular. If you have a small office or you don’t do your own tech support, these deals sound awesome. Small fee and thing is always working when you need it. They don’t think about how better laser is and how longer toner can last without being used, etc. They don’t care, what they see is 36$ a month not to deal with any printer related issues. Kind of a brilliant move on HPs side. Make printers evil, then offer solution to evil via subscription. And you can bet your ass this one will magically have significantly better drivers and lower maintenance than others because those would bite into all that sweet income.

As per usual they are targeting companies. Just how Windows despite its flaws, high price and security issues remains a dominant force, through retailers and OEMs. HP will sign a contract with a company, they will replace toners and provide all kinds of services for X$ a month. Then you don’t care it’s garbage that keeps messing things up. Also people higher up who sign these deals have things printed for them, they don’t mess with drivers.

Brother is an excellent no-bullshit company. It’s was a sigh of relief when I switched from HP’s bullshit to shove-a-power-cord-and-forget approach of Brother. Even their wake up and time to first page is significantly better than HP’s. I still didn’t use up my original toner but once I do, I’ll buy original. Their almost atypical approach at this point deserves to be rewarded.

However synthetic or not, burning it produces same gases, which are the problem. Cleaner, but not the end solution.

Disgusting. Other than shock value there’s absolutely no benefit to any of the design factors. Keyboard is not tactile and it will probably tire your hands fast. Screen is annoying to use and can only be used indoors. It’s as if they took worst experiences and then amplified them. What’s that, you hate typing on your screen keyboard, how about we make keyboard also touch based and we move it away from screen, now you have to look at keys while typing. Ooh, you hate glares, how about you see glares from front and behind the screen.

Oh right, forgot about this little thing. Had my eye it long time ago, but forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me Canada. Should probably read up on Streisand effect.

I disagree. If anything Apple failing to detect new kind of malware and approving malicious application is easier route. Simply because people see the description and trust the source infinitely and click install.

What makes you think mechanism that is used to install applications from Apple store can’t be equally exploited as the mechanism that’s used to install applications from a file? It’s the same mechanism.