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In atleast 3 distros I wanted to add program at start-up, easy peasy on windows , Linux is mess , some has gui for that but these three distorsion HAD ZERO option for it and I still don’t know how to do it.

In windows i want to serch for here is program installed, so easy to know and find . In Linux I had to fight multiple terminal commands ( in 2024 no less) and ev n then indid not come across whwre is the program installed

In Linux I plugged in hdd and wanted a program to acess its content, turns out I can’t do that without mumbo jumbo or wv n with it Whwre as in windows , inplug it and VOILA! I can access it across anything.

Linux MAY be good at something , but it still sucks for real Common usage.

And guess what , when I asked what is replacing VPN as part of services, they say they don’t know and tried to move me over to 20 eur a month plan. So reducing the service and staying same prices …

)leave aside old games , despite what Lemmy Linux Community have you believe, even new version of many s/w don’t work with Linux , package managers are crap and “everything is easy with terminal” is a lie. I am not fan of MS either but Linux just does not work.