Unity Meme Post
Seems that a lot of us have some funny Unity memes, which have been getting removed due to Rule 7. Making this post and pinning it for everyone to share their Unity memes about this whole fiasco, please only comment the memes here, if you make a post with one it will be removed.

Strengthening Community Bonds:
Greetings everyone, We wanted to take a moment and let everyone know about the ! community on Lemmy.World which hasn't gained much traction. Additionally, we've noticed occasional complaints about Business-related news being posted in the Technology community. To address this, we want to encourage our community members to engage with the Business community. While we'll still permit Technology-related business news here, unless it becomes overly repetitive, we kindly ask that you consider cross-posting such content to the Business community. This will help foster a more focused discussion environment in both communities. We've interacted with the mod team of the Business community, and they seem like a dedicated and welcoming group, much like the rest of us here on Lemmy. If you're interested, we encourage you to check out their community and show them some support! Let's continue to build a thriving and inclusive ecosystem across all our communities on Lemmy.World!

CrowdStrike Isn’t the Real Problem
This is an unpopular opinion, and I get why – people crave a scapegoat. CrowdStrike undeniably pushed a faulty update demanding a low-level fix (booting into recovery). However, this incident lays bare the fragility of corporate IT, particularly for companies entrusted with vast amounts of sensitive personal information. Robust disaster recovery plans, including automated processes to remotely reboot and remediate thousands of machines, aren't revolutionary. They're basic hygiene, especially when considering the potential consequences of a breach. Yet, this incident highlights a systemic failure across many organizations. While CrowdStrike erred, the real culprit is a culture of shortcuts and misplaced priorities within corporate IT. Too often, companies throw millions at vendor contracts, lured by flashy promises and neglecting the due diligence necessary to ensure those solutions truly fit their needs. This is exacerbated by a corporate culture where CEOs, vice presidents, and managers are often more easily swayed by vendor kickbacks, gifts, and lavish trips than by investing in innovative ideas with measurable outcomes. This misguided approach not only results in bloated IT budgets but also leaves companies vulnerable to precisely the kind of disruptions caused by the CrowdStrike incident. When decision-makers prioritize personal gain over the long-term health and security of their IT infrastructure, it's ultimately the customers and their data that suffer.

cross-posted from: > From the Atlanta Daily World: > > ![]( > In a surprising yet increasingly common move, Microsoft has quietly dismantled its team dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).  The decision, communicated via email to the affected employees on July 1, cited “changing business needs” as the reason for the layoffs. While the exact number of employees impacted remains unclear, the team’s lead didn’t … [Continued]( > > The post [Microsoft Says Bye-Bye DEI, Joins Growing List Of Corporations Dismantling Diversity Teams]( appeared first on [Atlanta Daily World](

All our servers *and* company laptops went down at pretty much the same time. Laptops have been bootlooping to blue screen of death. It's all very exciting, personally, as someone not responsible for fixing it. Apparently caused by a bad CrowdStrike update. Edit: now being told we (who almost all generally work from home) need to come into the office Monday as they can only apply the fix in-person. We'll see if that changes over the weekend...

cross-posted from: > X, the social media platform owned by Trump megadonor Elon Musk, is promoting Trump campaign-curated content to all U.S. users, regardless of whether they have opted out of Trump-related content. > > On the platform formerly known as Twitter, banner ads for the Trump campaign donning the #Trump2024 tag appear for all U.S. users, even those who’ve blocked words, topics, and hashtags related to the candidate or his campaign or muted the advertiser. > > Additionally, the #MAGA tag displays an edited image of the former president from his attempted assassination and the #Trump2024 hashtag displays an American flag. > > It is unclear whether the Trump campaign paid for the images on the #Trump2024 and #MAGA tags, though an advertisement for the tag on the site’s trending page reads “Promoted by Team Trump.” As Mashable noted, it is the first time the platform has enabled the image feature to promote a specific political candidate. > > Clicking the Trump2024 tag also prompts American flag graphics to flood the screen.

>Companies are going all-in on artificial intelligence right now, investing millions or even billions into the area while slapping the AI initialism on their products, even when doing so seems strange and pointless. >Heavy investment and increasingly powerful hardware tend to mean more expensive products. To discover if people would be willing to pay extra for hardware with AI capabilities, the question was asked on the TechPowerUp forums. >The results show that over 22,000 people, a massive 84% of the overall vote, said no, they would not pay more. More than 2,200 participants said they didn't know, while just under 2,000 voters said yes.

>A federal appeals court has agreed to halt the reinstatement of net neutrality rules until August 5th, while the court considers whether more permanent action is justified. >It’s the latest setback in a long back and forth on net neutrality — the principle that internet service providers (ISPs) should not be able to block or throttle internet traffic in a discriminatory manner. >The current FCC, which has three Democratic and two Republican commissioners, voted in April to bring back net neutrality. The 3–2 vote was divided along party lines. >Broadband providers have since challenged the FCC’s action, which is potentially more vulnerable after the Supreme Court’s recent decision to strike down Chevron deference — a legal doctrine that instructed courts to defer to an agency’s expert decisions except in a very narrow range of circumstances. >Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Matt Schettenhelm said in a report prior to the court’s ruling that he doesn’t expect the FCC to prevail in court, in large part due to the demise of Chevron.

cross-posted from:

Webflow got caught with its hand in the cookie jar and wants to settle disputes quietly.

Deutsche Telekom and their interpretation of their security obligations when beeing a public CA
looks like: - They claimed to be a trustworthy public CA (that can handle security incidents) - They made commitments to be included as trustworthy in common Browsers and OS'es - They now willfully break those commitments to rely on 2B2F only... - They do not even answer valid questions for month in a process that they should have already completed within 5 days as was defined in the commitments they agreed upon. Maybe [Honest Achmed's Used Cars and Certificates]( should show up again once more !?

A pretty interesting take, and an interesting discussion about what it means to be open source. Is there room for a trusted space between open source and closed corporate software?

Google owner Alphabet is in advanced discussions to buy fast-growing cybersecurity startup Wiz for roughly $23 billion, a person familiar with the matter confirmed to CNN. A takeover of Wiz, which makes cybersecurity software for cloud computing, would represent a major bet by Google on cybersecurity, marking the tech giant’s biggest-ever acquisition.

Meta won’t offer future multimodal AI models in EU
Meta's issue isn't with the still-being-finalized AI Act, but rather with how it can train models using data from European customers while complying with GDPR — the EU's existing data protection law. - Meta announced in May that it planned to use publicly available posts from Facebook and Instagram users to train future models. Meta said it sent more than 2 billion notifications to users in the EU, offering a means for opting out, with training set to begin in June. - Meta says it briefed EU regulators months in advance of that public announcement and received only minimal feedback, which it says it addressed. - In June — after announcing its plans publicly — Meta was ordered to pause the training on EU data. A couple weeks later it received dozens of questions from data privacy regulators from across the region.

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