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Remember when Eli Lily lost billions because an account with a blue check mark pretending to be them said they were giving insulin away for free?

You sound like an ad for advertising. I’ve seen the studies and I think our relationship with companies is changing. I trust people/groups/companies very differently than my parents and grandparents do. To just give up… Fuck that.

On a bigger scale, I think it’s all wasted money. Maybe its the autism, but the more I see a company name, any company name, the less I want it in my house.

With even the FBI recommending adblockers maybe ads aren’t the thing we should prop up our economy with. They don’t work, people hate them, and now even passively ignoring them isn’t an option. But I don’t know if the world can operate on the Patreon model.

I used to maintain a wordle clone. I was meticulously making sure that any changes in the NYT word list would be reflected in my app as well, the goal was synchronization because the secret to wordle is that we’re all playing the same game… until we’re not. I haven’t touched that repo in months. The NYT can suck it.