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ten sheets of 3/4 inch plywood is pushing the capacity of a Kei. That’s right in the middle of homeowner use.

Yeah, a ranger would be ideal for a run around, could even tow my old camper, thing only weighs 3000 lbs. I’d just have to make more frequent beer runs of lesser amounts. At least a ranger can hold an old harley.

Kei trucks only can carry like 800 pounds. I run a bar and regularly take my pickup truck, a 2500, to its bed capacity of roughly 3000 lbs. I’ve had it sitting low just in empties before. A Kei truck can’t even haul my motorcycle if it breaks down. Now someone who’s a full time contractor, would call that thing useless, a farmer might buy one instead of a John Deere gator or side by side. It’d be suitable for golf course maintenance.

That’s a brain dead retort, utilized by people that don’t think, just repeat ideas they heard elsewhere and barely understand. Note, I ain’t saying that to you in particular. Brings to mind the rent controlled buildings standing vacant in NY, because it’s below input/maintenance to rent out.

And to get really crazy, instead of minimum wage, employers must demonstrate that employees can afford two bedrooms with no more than twenty five percent of gross wages.

Stuff like that always backfires. You lose the businesses altogether, now nobodies got nothing.

Natalie thinks she’s clever but doesn’t know the difference between taxation and a co-operative.

You’re not wrong (in that they’d survive), it’s that it does nothing. I’d be surprised if every penny Musk has can run the American government for a day. Which essentially means you just don’t don’t like their wealth level, which is fine, just say that instead of pretending otherwise.

Yeah you don’t have the right to prevent people from drawing pictures of you, but you do have the right not to get hit by some guy you’re drawing.