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What is the obsession with shitting on people’s choices? I don’t understand the irony of demanding choice in this industry, then shitting on people when they make a choice you don’t agree with.

What’s dystopian about this? I would vote for her in a heartbeat.

I actually like Apple’s approach to AI more than all of the others. I don’t care for Microsoft’s implementation at all. I just try to avoid Microsoft in general on top of that, so no need to complain about it.

But I do think Apple’s approach to AI from a privacy and implementation perspective is what I would prefer from a software vendor.

Hashicorp signs agreement to be acquired by IBM
https://www.hashicorp.com/blog/hashicorp-joins-ibm 😬

Thanks, Zuck, we were all waiting with bated breath for your statement.

I’m already there, and I’m applying this thinking to every site - including the one hosting this article.

240v dedicated taps don’t come cheap. Having two 240v taps installed this morning, will cost about $1300. That’s without a proprietary charger. I decided to just use standard 240v chargers for our Mach-E. It’s slower than the proprietary Ford charger, but not by much.