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I have windows 3.1 running in an emulator faster than that eras hardware could ever dream. So, gonna have to double disagree.

They should have used a raspberry pi and some emulators in that adorable little case.

My hand aches just reading thing. My brain hurts thinking about reading my illegible handwriting.

Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Affinity Publisher

Sorry, no linux versions.

It’s hardly theft to add new features to your product.

Nah, just targeting the low hanging fruit in a get rich quick scheme. I’m not crying though.

The front screen is what no one wants in a cheaper version. Don’t cut back on sound and cameras ffs

Give me 5000 nuggets and bacon on muh ice cream.

drives away

lol this author. Android users are they ones who need to celebrate.

Just get one of the free texting apps or get a burner. Dumb people.

Exposure = They get to keep the data they get.

Data = money

They’ve found a way to make it work I’m sure.

If you put your shit out there, someone is going to use it. Yeah, that’s not cool, I agree. But what did you think would happen?