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Out of 708k total officers.

Ed: like 8.3% were investigated of nearly 10% get investigated and like 5% don’t get fired you’re either getting a bunch of false complaints or you’re ignoring evidence. Given what we know about policing in this country I’m gunna go with the latter.

Hate to break it to you but wind is a finite resource, it’s unlikely that earths inhabitants would ever saturate it -it is still quite possible just excessively unlikely.

Malignant charisma is certainly not new to this century let alone apple itself.

Yeah very easy ways, one of the most common ways to cheat a slot machine is with a localized emp device to convince the machine you’re adding tokens.

Emps are not hard to make, they won’t however work on hardened systems like the US military uses.

Just because I disagree with you doesn’t mean I’m with Hamas, they’re both doing shitty shit because they’re both shitty. Simple as.

If I were a tardigrade I’d move out from home || Why live in the shrubbery when you could have a throne? || Pressure wouldn’t squash me and fire couldn’t burn. || These are the things that I never will learn. ||


Are you paying attention to the conversation or a single comment you’ve chosen to take issue with?

Ah, there’s the answer, you aren’t paying attention.

Because they’re not going to do that. You can’t call them terrorists and expect logical reasonable action or reaction.

The Palestinian people by in large did not vote Hamas in, over 50% of the people in Gaza were not alive during the last election.

Aprs already exists and is optimal for hikers. A relatively lightweight base station at good height can get you hundreds of miles pretty reliably or tens of thousands of miles if you really really try and get lucky.

Me me me ow ow me me me me ow ow I’m theeeee catman me me me ow ow me me me me ow ow.

Not the worry you should be worried about. Once they can cut the governmental power cord corporations would have exactly zero limits.