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You and I both know it was not your first offense, you’re entitled to your opinion on the rest, but we don’t play with rule 3 - especially when it is blatantly ignored.

Aren’t the logs public? It was the second action on my account, the first being a petty mod removing one comment and not other “worse” one. So yeah no it friggen was, so you did zero leg work before issuing a community ban. Nice job!!!

Also if you’d like to get an alert for why your comment was removed or why you were banned, I’d recommend making a feature request to the Lemmy devs, I agree it’d be nice to get alerted when you did something against the rules and what rule, we post that in the mod log but it unfortunately doesn’t tell the user without them digging into modlogs.

Lots of communities have an automod set up to send a message to users, or you know as part of your mod duties you could provide that disclosure so you can work on bettering your communities that you want to moderate…

Come on dude, this is two months of you defending this person instead of removing the offending troll, they created work, and instead of dealing with it appropriately or doing what was right. You just let them give your communities comment metrics and shadow moderated a bunch of people.

What a strange way to mod… fucking yikes buddy. You had someone clearly coming in to cause shit, so I reported some comments, like the sidebar says to do. And I get my comment moderated and banned. What a mod guys!

Edit, lmfao went and downvoted my comments after being caught in a lie.

What was rule breaking about a comment discussing why someone would be doing something…? It wasn’t even a response to them…. I didn’t insult them, you left all the other users comments in that thread…. And I was adding to the discussion.

The comment was 3 months ago………… and this was the same user as this one which was 2 months between them.

You’ve had multiple rule breaking comments, especially last month.

3 months ago……….

Also, the modlog for every community is and has been public.

What does a public mod do when a user isn’t even informed about moderated comment, why it was moderated or what they can do about it….? If a user isn’t informed they did something wrong, they can’t fix it, and banning someone for their first offense on an account is just fucking wild lmfao.

Context dude as a mod you should be using it, not swinging your fucking dick around moderating comments because someone is intentionally causing a disturbance. Ban the one causing the fucking shit next time. Does it seriously make sense to moderate and ban 100s of users instead of the one ass causing the issues…?

So again, this mod is nuts banning users for no reason. Maybe if you want to ban someone for no reason, leave them a comment, explain what they did wrong… since you know how the fuck can someone fix what they did wrong if they aren’t informed…. You were defending this account for at least 2 months. It was 3 months ago I was banned and this post was a month ago… clearly you should have dealt with the cause of the problem mate… fucking hell

Lmfao, I just found out my app has a mod log and saw one of my comments was removed by this mod. My comment wasn’t even a response to the person, and it was “probably a new form of attention seeking” and they moderated it and banned me from the community….

The mods a nut job apparently.

Lmfao, I just found out my app has a mod log and saw one of my comments was removed by this mod. My comment wasn’t even a response to the person, and it was “probably a new form of attention seeking” and they moderated it.

The mods a nut job apparently.

Huh they’ve been in various brands and stores in Canada for atleast a few years. Surprised it didn’t start down there and make its way up here.

First image I could find of the desktop and there is computer icons right there.

If dragging one of those to wastebasket at the bottom right crashed the computer, it would fit the description of the event.

There’s a difference between patent trolling and protecting their patents.

Provided Nokia just won a case, it’s extremely doubtful they would fall into the “troll” catagory.

Why do you think they’ve become a disgrace?

Read the left side? 7k-11k, the removed useless information, provided you read what is actually there first.