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Uhm sorry to rain on your parade, but all the cool people made fun of Maxwell guys back then. Our Nakamichi ‘gons got fed TDK exclusively…

But they aren’t providing live traffic congestion, right? That’s the only reason to use Google Maps. Not because of the maps or navigation.

Matches my experience in bigger companies. People who have a “mostly meetings and PowerPoint” job think that sitting in meetings is real productive work. They assume anyone who sits in front of a computer but not in a meeting is probably not busy enough and their job could be outsourced to India.

You know who has never had a commute where they didn’t want to throw up because of B.O.?

What exactly has Cloudflare done to those poor casino thugs, they were only trying to extract more money from gambling addicts?!?

You should tip landlords, not get rid of them!