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if you think it doesn’t work on you, it’s more likely to work on you. if it didn’t work the world would be a much better place, but unfortunately they definitely work.

but i agree it’s stupid especially as a business model and it shouldn’t exist.

6751 6686 here… I’m glad it’s finally getting a burial since it died like 20 years ago.

this isn’t marketing to adults. it’s marketing to teenage boys.

they have these notifications where they send you an article or sometimes video you might be interested in… it’s a notification ad, basically, or at least functions as one.

95% of the time it’s clickbait or AI drivel anyway but at least when you tapped on it, it would open a somewhat related Google search and the first “result” you would see would be the article you clicked on. unnecessary step but i got why they do it.

well now you don’t see it. because ads cover at least one entire screen’s worth of space, if not more, so you have to scroll way down to see the thing you clicked on. unbelievable that they essentially show ads in front of ads.

to be fair, you need to point out sarcasm because some people lost the plot so hard that there are genuine comments that go beyond your wildest sarcastic ones.

just like how Don’t Look Up was supposed to be an over the top satire of climate/science deniers but by the time that movie came out that side already went way beyond the level of crazy they could even satirically depict.

musk fans who had a terrible time with the cybertruck still acting like it’s the best thing ever is another example. satire is dead because real people are crazier.

I’m sorry to go against the echo chamber but it’s clearly user error in this case. they were probably looking for results relevant to what they put into the search field when they’re supposed be looking for ads.

maybe someone left their Tesla there

i need to know more about opensearch

“at the time of the crash, the driver was in full control”

(but not a couple seconds before)

see if they were even remotely trustworthy or even rational no one would ever even entertain the possibility of Gmail being discontinued. for any other party this would be laughable. with Google it’s plausible.